We are ConSTAR

Constellation Systems Technology and Research LLC (ConSTAR-UAS) is a California technology company founded by career fire, law enforcement, legal, and engineering professionals. Our goal: deliver reliable, cost-effective and unique UAV/UAS solutions to the public sector, emphasizing public safety and public resources management.

What We Do

We deliver reliable & cost-effective UAV/UAS solutions to the public sector with emphasis on public safety and public resource management.



  • Guide public agencies to UAV/UAS solutions and practices that meet their unique needs
  • Identity best match platforms and support systems based on specific target mission profiles
  • Develop mission profiles based on comprehensive needs assessment
  • Systems, technology and research; design and development of unique payloads to deliver real-time useful data using onboard processing and state-of-the-art sensors
  • Navigate complex government contract acquisitions
  • Advice/counsel with managing public agency executives, elected officials and policy entities


Who We Service

Our current programs or “Stars,” for the development of mission-specific platforms, systems, and services:  

  • Red Star—Fire Management, Detection, Suppression
  • Blue Star—Law Enforcement
  • White Star—Emergency Medical Services
  • Orange Star—Utilities, Code Compliance, and Infrastructure Management
  • Green Star—Natural Resources Management


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