ConSTAR-UAS: Defined

Constellation Systems Technology and Research LLC (ConSTAR-UAS) is a California technology company founded by career fire, law enforcement, legal, and aeronautical/mechanical/electric vehicle engineering professionals, with the goal of delivering reliable, cost-effective UAV/UAS solutions to the public sector, with an emphasis on public safety and public resources management. No other company brings together this unique blend of public safety, engineering, and legal/regulatory expertise, with the ability to navigate complex government acquisition processes at the federal, state, and local levels. 

Public Sectors We Focus On

Current target market areas are delineated into discrete programs or “Stars,” for the development of mission-specific platforms, systems,and services:  

Red Star

Fire Management, Detection, Suppression



Blue Star

Law Enforcement/

Search & Rescue



White Star

Emergency Medical Services



Orange Star

Utilities, Code Compliance, and Infrastructure Management



Green Star

Natural Resources Management



Our Team

Paul A. Cappitelli

CEO, V.P, and Co-Founder, Blue Star projects,


Paul Cappitelli is a career law enforcement professional with over 42 years of experience. He is a Retired Captain from the Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, and the former Executive Director of the California Commission on POST.  He has extensive experience working in administration, patrol, traffic, custody, homicide investigation, public affairs, gang enforcement, and training. 

Steve E. Tice

COO, CTO, and Co-Founder, ConSTAR-UAS

Steve Tice is Technology Development Executive, Engineer & Entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience, spanning “leadership over management”, strategic business development, & Iterative low risk development with simulation where possible – Cross- functional leadership in technology projects/companies as an able communicator from boardroom to marketing, to internet technology, to design, to engineering, to software and to the shop floor.

G. Ross Trindle, III

CLO (Chief Legal Officer) and Co-Founder,


Ross Trindle is an experienced municipal attorney in his 16th year of practice.  His practice has focused almost exclusively on representing local governments both in and out of court. He has supported law enforcement, firefighters, government medical professionals, and other public safety officers in carrying out their duties that are so important to everyday people.  

Mike Warren

Projects Advisor

Red Star (Fire) 


Chief Mike Warren brings over 40 years of fire, forestry and emergency management and project management experience. Chief Warren has experience at the Federal, State and Local level, having served 15 years as a municipal fire chief in Southern California. Prior to that assignment he served as a chief officer with CalFire and the U.S. Forest Service. In addition he has extensive experience having served on a National Incident Management Team, along with helicopter and aviation experience. He also served as an Assistant Director of National Programs and consultant for the International Association of Fire Chiefs.
He is a former President of the California Fire Chiefs Association, and served as a Governor appointee to numerous advisory boards.

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